ZERO P6 by PM Solution Pro

By Rufran C Frago posted 02-11-2019 08:42 AM


My first video ad for PM Solution Pro (Risk-based Management and Services Inc.) using *Doodly application. 

Check it out!

Learn Primavera P6 Professional through PM Solution Pro ZERO P6. Watch this video to know more. We offer Primavera P6 Professional personalized face-to-face training engagement for students living in Calgary and Web-based face-to-face Training for the rest of the world.

*PM Solution Pro is a partner/affiliate of Doodly. It is a tradename operating under Risk-based Management and Services Inc.

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If in case, you want to purchase and learn Doodly, follow the link below or paste it on your browser. You can create your own informative announcement for your business. Otherwise, contact PM Solution Pro. We will help you develop/create your commercial ads/announcements together.

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