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“My Favourite Subject” Essays: Effective Writing Tips

Depending on our talents, abilities, and even some personal traits, we all have favourite subjects at school. They, in fact, play a significant role in our life. In the great majority of cases, they affect our choice of major in college/university, our careers, etc.


Writing essays on “My Favourite Subject” is not complicated and it will not take you too much time to complete them. Yet, the "buy assignment online" website still want to share some secrets so that you could write an impressive essay on “My Favourite Subject”.


Effective “My Favourite Subject” essays: secret 1


Take time to create a strong opening paragraph and a “hook” to catch the reader. “I like Maths because it is easy for me” is not the right way to start your essay on “My Favourite Subject”. At least, write something like “Since the early childhood, clear and logical thinking made me different from my fellows”.


Effective “My Favourite Subject” essays: secret 2


Provide three-four reasons in your essay on “My Favourite Subject” why you like this or that subject and what you find easy about it. Example: “Unlike History or Geography that requires remembering dates and events, Maths just requires sticking to formulas and logic”.


Or, probably, there was an important event or a person (e.g. your teacher) who taught you to love this subject or made it clear to you.


Effective “My Favourite Subject” essays: secret 3


Do you believe your favorite subject is important and extremely useful? Then explain in your essay on “My Favourite Subject” in what particular ways. Mention some specific skills that this subject helps to develop and explain why they are useful and important.


Effective “My Favourite Subject” essays: secret 4


Finally, tell whether you are going to study this subject further, where you would like to study it, etc.

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