Preparing for Schedule Quantitative Risk Analysis (SQRA)

By Rufran C Frago posted 10-31-2021 06:08 PM


Preparing for project’s Schedule Quantitative Risk Analysis is like painting a wall. The wall preparation takes the longest before the final paint coat is applied. The last layer becomes as essential as sanding debris and covering all holes with joint compounds. Up to 80 percent of the Schedule Quantitative Risk Analysis (SQRA) effort is preparing the risk model. The remaining twenty percent (20%) is on the proper use of the tool, e.g., OPRA, previously called PertMaster, Deltek Acumen Risk, and others.

If the schedule is not of good quality and not modeled correctly, then the 80% effort amounted to nothing. The resulting assessment can become unreliable if not all wrong that it can derail the project!

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  1. Identify the right stakeholders and resources who will provide the duration ranges and critical risk inputs.
  2. Arrange practical risk workshops. Choosing the proper venue sets the tone for a serious, goal-oriented workshop. Risk facilitators must not take the risk-facilitated session for granted
  3. Holding one-on-one or group interviews.
  4. Ensure that the schedule is of high quality.
  5. Proper use of the risk analysis tool.
  6. Relevant driving planning documents must be ready as references three (3) to four (4) weeks before the quantitative risk analysis workshop. These are critical documents that will provide the necessary information in formulating a dependable result.

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