Violation Policy

Social Media Policy & Rules of Engagement

AACE will leverage social media outlets in order to establish and maintain official sites including AACE’s platform, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc., to: 

  1. Build relationships with current or prospective AACE members, volunteers and stakeholders
  2. Leverage interactions by encouraging open dialogue and discussion
  3. Establish thought leadership and responsibly promote products and services
  4. Share AACE expertise

AACE International staff will monitor outlets regularly and will be responsible for identifying, trafficking or responding to all items that might affect brand perception. While open dialogue is encouraged, conversation on official pages will be audited to ensure that comments remain professional and respectful. Inappropriate comments and content that includes the following will be removed: 

  • Incorrect information
  • Advertising or promotion
  • Comments that are slanderous or defamatory
  • Vulgar, racist or ethnic slurs
  • Obscenities 

All comments are the opinion of the author and do not reflect the official position of AACE International. Comments from the Executive Director and senior management of AACE will constitute “the official voice of AACE International”. Individuals wanting to make a comment to or present a question to AACE International leadership or staff should submit them directly to AACE International headquarters using the contact information available at Comments are an important part of the conversation and a foundational aspect of social media. We will not delete a comment just because we disagree with the commenter’s point of view. 

While we recognize the importance of Freedom of Speech, we encourage following “Rules of Engagement” as outlined below when posting or commenting on AACE International’s social media pages:

  1. Use facts – Ensure that you are providing accurate information so that you are not misleading readers.
  2. Be respectful – Respect the AACE brand, members, volunteers, stakeholders and staff.
  3. Use good judgment – Think through the implications of your post or comment prior to posting.
  4. Consider the AACE brand – The image of AACE as the Authority for Total Cost Management must be maintained. What you post may be viewed by members, volunteers, customers, staff, etc. and may remain in public view for a long period of time.
  5. Do not expect privacy – Personal information should not be posted. Social media sites are not private and the expectation of privacy is not conveyed as a user.
  6. Ask for permission – You should not cite or reference members, volunteers, organizations, etc. without their approval.
  7. Do not disclose, use or comment on AACE International confidential or proprietary information.