AACE SWO: Introduction to NetPoint, NetRisk and ScheduleMD

When:  Mar 16, 2021 from 05:45 PM to 07:00 PM (ET)

NetPoint renders important project information, like the critical path, easy to convey to stakeholders of all levels of expertise. See the difference in the quality of feedback from your team when the network instantly reflects changes and impact on the rest of the schedule. This higher level of stakeholder participation coupled with readily understood schedule graphics leads to true buy-in and more confidence in the schedule and planning process overall.

Developed in collaboration with industry-leading risk management professionals, NetRisk™ is the only schedule risk analysis software on the market to correct for the optimistic bias inherent in CPM-based simulation. Through an innovative method for simulating float use on the project, NetRisk generates more accurate probabilities of completion and offers a unique feature set unmatched by alternative products.

Schedule MD™ is a module for NetPoint® that allows project planners and schedulers to develop and analyze schedules for a more reliable result. This includes Schedule IQ™ that scores the reliability of your schedule based on compliance with PMA’s Core Traits of a Reliable Schedule protocol and provides other metrics according to the DCMA 14-Point Assessment. The metrics and score helps project planners identify and repair the weakest parts of their schedules, resulting in more reliable overall scores. Use Schedule MD™ to analyze P6 (.xer) and NetPoint files to improve results.

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