Video Explainers Using Three-App Combinations can Save you Money

By Rufran C Frago posted 09-03-2019 01:55 AM


For those small businesses wanting to save some money on announcements and ads, know that PM Solution Pro used a combination of the following major tools in the ZERO P6 video explainer shown below : 1) Toonly, 2) CorelVideostudio Ultimate X10, and 3) RenderForest.

Developed and created the whole clip ads myself. This simple one minute video animation took me two days (~8 hours). The company saved easy at least USD2000. While many creative idea consulting firms will say they start the counter at a low USD200, or even USD150, that can grow very quickly as the video is being developed. Each component added, each scene changed, audio mix introduced, and duration increased can ultimately bring additional cost to the project.

So, if you've time to dabble with the tools yourself and bold enough to try your own creativity, then it is time to act. Get hold of the tools I mentioned. They might be worth it. In addition, you develop the skills, you enjoy the challenge, and you save more money.

We believe in the usefulness and creative nature of the products in leading the way to business success and greater productivity. We promote and strongly recommend these creative business/project management tools for their affordability, applicability, portability, awesome operating features, excellent performance, maintenance support, and ease of use.

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