11th AACE Peru 2023 Congress

Starts:  Nov 16, 2023 05:00 PM (PE)
Ends:  Nov 17, 2023 08:45 PM (PE)

In 2022, AI will successfully connect with consultation and conversation applications, providing quality answers and sparking interest in its impact on management, even for users without technological knowledge.

In 2023, the “El Niño phenomenon” drives decarbonization in the life cycle of assets, raising questions about new roles and the use of a carbon S curve.

So how do we implement these new tools and criteria?

At the 11th AACE Peru 2023 Congress, experts in Project Management and Control will share knowledge to facilitate the implementation of these innovations.


Virtual Event
Online Instructions:
Url: http://aacei.org.pe/congreso2023/
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