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Cost Engineering Journal:
 The monthly international journal of cost estimation, cost/schedule  control, and project management read by cost professionals around the  world to get the most up-to-date information about the profession.


Education: Improve  your professional expertise and technical skills at AACE educational  seminars, the annual meeting, and through regional and local section  meetings


The Online Bookstore: Learn  all you need to know through AACE International’s first-rate  publications that cover key industry-related issues of the cost and  project management profession. Purchase Recommended Practices and  Standards, PPG’s, Transactions, and all the leading professional  estimating books at substantial discounts.


Library: AACE  International members receive FREE access to the world’s largest  library of cost estimating, cost/schedule control, and project  management literature through interlibrary loans, literature searches,  and referrals.


Online Information: Members  have access to Cost Engineering Journal, references for over 8,000  technical publications, a fully searchable database covering thousands  of technical books and papers, updates to latest Recommended Practices  and Standards, and much more.


Executive Search and Employment: Find a job in cost/project management through AACE’s employment  referral service, resume database, or through an advertisement of your  services in Cost Engineering Journal, or on our website.


Professional Development: Increase  your knowledge and professional expertise by joining one of AACE’s many  technical committees, subcommittees, and special interest groups (SIGs)  in their effort to develop new and improved techniques for the  profession and in standardizing the practice of total cost management.


AACE Chinook-Calgary Section memberships are available as a add-on to a AACEI membership

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